Saturday, 13 December 2008

Lussekatter-- Happy St. Lucia Day

Happy Lucia day!

I spent a year and a half in Sweden and it was there I finally leared to work with yeast.. or at least finally had success with yeast actually doing what its supposed to do. One of the wonderful baked goods from Sweden are these Lussekatts (lucie-cats) Which are prepared for St. Lucia celbrations..

They are a nice slightly sweet (ok barely) soft saffron bread with a couple of raisins. Usually paired with Glogg, I tend to eat them anytime I can, so am not limited to nightime.. find them perfect at breakfast..lunch.. dinner.. snack.. etc etc

Sorry mine are in a bread box, but it was for their own protection as I got busy baking 5 batches of Christmas cookies!

50g fresh yeast (or use 3 1/2oz sachets)
200g butter
1/2 Liter milk
1/2 t salt
1 egg
1 packet saffron=6 threads broken
1 deciliter sugar
15deciliter flour

Melt butter in saucepan, then add milk.. let sit until fingerwarm
if using fresh yeast crumble into large bowl, then add cooled milk mixture (if using dry I tend to put in mix with flour etc.. its up to you)
add saffron, salt, suker, egg and some of the flour (i use a whisk at this stage to get a pancake batter consistency, then switch to dough hook, or wooden spoon to add the rest of the flour. You are going for a soft consistency here, not dry or tough.
Let rest for 30 minutes or until doubled
knead dough and divide so its easier to work with. roll out snakes to desired width (I go for pointer finger- pinky finger width)
coil in any shape... traditional is a s shape.
Add raisins into center of spirals (or for eyes, etc whatever you want)
let these raise for about 30 minutes or until passes finger test (aka you touch them and there is a mark made cause they've risen again)
Put on sheets lined with baking paper .
in 250celsius oven for about 30 minutes or until just golden (these will spread when baked so give em room!

When done, leave to cool on sheet/rack under a kitchen towl
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