Monday, 8 December 2008

Thanksgiving rewind!

This Year I decided to throw a Thanksgiving pary.. living in the UK, means that if I want an American specific holiday then I have to orchestrate it into some sort of new package. So Thanksgiving dinner party it was. We had 14 people and a 22lb turkey which amazingly was all eaten! Unfortunately I don't have a single picture of said bird, as I got busy at the time it was finally done. But I must say even the butcher exclaimed the virtues of this particular 'goregous' bird.. Personally as a Vegetarian I had my own ideas for turkey. Including making a Pumpking cake turkey (using a 70's Wilton cake pan) and a vegetarian seitan/Stuffing/Puff Pastry 'turkey'-- When the recipie said use scraps to decorate.. i decided to be a bit funny and build a backbone.. and from there :)

Pretty funny stuff!

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Barbara said...

Just saw your "faux turkey" -- hilarious! (and tasty, I bet).