Monday, 20 April 2009

I love chicks (and the rest of my menagerie)

This Easter we were in Brussels visiting some friends, taking the train, and enjoying the chocolate. We had some lovely Easter chocolate hens.. I'm a bit chicken crazy sometimes..

Here is the lovely dark chocolate hen I got.. She's sitting on some eggs...

Ta da! good thing our chickens aren't tied together with a string, that we have to untie to collect the eggs! Reminds me of a children's story where the woman's head is held on by a ribbon around her neck.

Michael had the milk chocolate one.. i keep trying to teach him about proper chocolate but he likes to scoff it down quickly...

This was a cute white chocolate rubber ducky.. they it became crazy chick.

Our real Easter chicks came this Sunday ( I suppose they are orthodox Easter chicks)

Our bantam hen, Greta went broody and has spent the last 5 weeks like this..

But by yesterday afternoon, when I went to give her some food she had company.. these two adorable chicks!

They were so cute the dog and cat decided to remind me that they are also cute!

But alas I think the competition is too stiff there guys.. these little chicks they even have feathered feet! sigh....

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