Sunday, 13 December 2009

Wedding Cake pt 2

Part 2. This thing done yet?!
After a full day of cake assembly its now crunch time = drafting in the bridesmaids. as you can see this intruded on the beer drinking time, but was necessary. Here are my to lovely L &L bridesmaids getting down on melting the chocolate for the panels. My other BM B has at this point run to the grocery to buy yet more white chocolate for our too runny ganache.

Note the stress level here I tried to tell them off for too much stirring... yes of chocolate.. i know.. but then I was one day until the wedding and the guests were coming in a few hours for the welcome dance!

So here I am putting the wood graining tool into action. Using the nicely melted chocolate and some overhead transparency films cut to size (if any one actually knows where you can buy acetate sheets I'm all ears as that's what you're supposed to use!)

First goes on the chocolate coat.. i made 2 tiers with dark grain and white background and the middle tier with white grain and dark background. After applying the chocolate grain I let them set up anywhere I can either on the counter or in the fridge..

BM B having returned from the grocery with more white chocolate I can now get to filling in these white grain with dark chocolate planks. We eventually finish and I run from the kitchen to my rehearsal which takes way longer than planned and leaves me throwing on my party clothes and arriving late to my own party! But its a good time for all.
My cake fairy, L finishes the cakes while I am rehearsing and after I explain cake stacking with straws she agrees to come back in the morning while I'm at my 9am hair/makeup appointment to put any finishing touches on them, prepare them for stacking and put them in their boxes ready for the caterer to assemble at the reception venue! Whoo!

Saturday morning I wake up before anyone else in the house (I'm at my aunties to keep with tradition of not seeing the groom..) and I investigate the chocolate planks- which I remove from their acetate and make into foil packets for each tier of the cake....

Fast forward to.. my parents and I are waiting for the carriage to come back from taking the BMs up to the chapel... when we notice that the cake is still boxed and in the fridge.... (everyone's at the chapel already but us!)
now.. i could leave this a cliffhanger.. but . i won't.. suffice to say wedding vendors and having good ones are really important!
My mom made a panicky phone call to the caterer- gave them directions (it was only 3 blocks away) and stay tuned for the final chapter to see what happened next!

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