Sunday, 12 October 2008

Finishing the cake

The finished product was a lot of time in making! After making the cake on friday night I decided to make a basic buttercream from the Cake bible and try and play around with some white chocolate buttercream and making a kiwi buttercream..

First off the 'basic' buttercream. This recipe was based on egg yolks and since we have our own hens it was a really bright yellow crumb coat.. I did puree and sieve a bit of kiwi and mixed that into enough to put in between one of the layers (I torted my two cakes) so with four layers I ended up with 2 plain butter cream, 1 white chocolate and 1 kiwi buttercream (I wasn't so sure kiwi was so great.. maybe I should be 'experiementing' in cupcake sizes.. not 9"!!)

The white chcolate buttercream came from the cake bible as well and was a very easy recipe with only 2 ingredients, however required some substancial messign about with whisking and chilling and taking off chill.... needless to say the first attempt went from thick liquid to whisk stuck solid in reformed chocolate... Whoops! so i tried again and with the aid of a hand mixer (my wrist couldn't hold out much longer) finally got it made, but once on the cake realized it was only going to cover the top and 1/2 way down the sides!.. i should of taken a picture of this, but was so stressed out with a hairdryer trying to get it all to come together!

I left it there until today and made some 'simple' buttercream which i tinted very pale green (for kiwi) and did a baskeweave and cornelli with a 'message'. my first time for both...

I'll let you know how it tastes! ---Its Delicious.. rich like a wedding cake!

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Barbara said...

This is lovely! You are very ambitious -- I love the "squiggles" on your cake.

Did you know that Rose Levy Beranbaum has her own blog? It's at -- and then there is a forum section, you could post pictures of your cake on the Show and Tell area. That's at