Friday, 10 October 2008

TWD: Carmel Peanut Topped Brownie Cake

I've just joined Tuesdays with Dorie and missed this weeks entry as I didn't get my book from Amazon until Wed. Neither I or my BF were particually excited about the carmel peanut cake, but I decided to make it Thursday night anyway.. I'm really glad I did!

I decided to only make a third of the recipie for both cake and carmel topping. I baked it in a deep 4 inch pan and got a nice slim layer of brownie.

This was my first time making caramel and I was a bit afraid of what might happen reading other's comments. I'm not sure what happened but I made this perfect the first time! Maybe it was my smaller amount of ingredients in a big 2 qt saucepan, or maybe it was just the fact i had the sugar and water /corn syrup sitting in the pan ready to go while the cake baked and cooled.. I dunno but carmel is cool. I think I would name this candy bar cake, while the BF says its a Snickers cake.. in anycase it was good, but i'm glad I only made a 1/3 as I'm already onto another baking project!

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Jacque said...

Wow, a home run on your first time up to bat! Awesome! so glad the caramel worked out for you.

Welcome to TWD :)