Friday, 20 February 2009

A Valentines sleep in Omelette..

For Valentines Day last Saturday I wanted to make my fiance a nice breakfast in bed- but I also wasn't interested in having to do a whole lot of cooking that morning either. I was searching for something that uses alot of eggs (as our hens seem very happy at the moment) and came across one of Pioneer Woman's recipes that used 10 eggs!--Jackpot--

I love to read Ree's blog its like if I could of had my horsey dream life that I wanted from 7-14 I'd be there in heaven on the ranch.. (though some days I do think it might be fun.. except for the meat eating.) If you don't already read it do go check it out- or at least get into her love story "black heels to tractor wheels"-- its a page turner!

But back to food- I've used Ree's standard American (I grew up in the Midwest, so making her recipes reminds me of being a kid/family functions etc) recipes to pull off my first Thanksgiving here in England and it was a great success. So I choose the sleepin in omelet for valentines day.
It was fannnnnntastic I'll definitely be making it again, but with half the butter!

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