Tuesday, 30 June 2009

TWD: Perfect Party Cake

This is one aptly named recipe! I made Dorie's perfect party cake for a dinner party a few weeks back and it became the best one I've ever thrown! People who hadn't met before stayed chatting until nearly 2am- despite having been stuffed full of a huge smorgasboard of different recipes I had wanted to try!

It baked up pretty well- though I was at first worried about how small my layers were going to be with cutting in half- but this was no problem as in the end the fillings to cake ratio was divine!

If you haven't made this already get going! It is an incredibly forgiving cake! I discovered the best strawberry jam when making this (yes it really was worth spending £1more for it- Duchy organics if you're curious)
and the final dusting of coconut (unsweetened as its impossible to find sweetened in theUK) gives it a flawless finish that my icing would not have made-- *(why is it that I never have enough left from recipes to give a really good final coat?!)*

In any case this was a perfect party on the tongue slight lemon strawberry fluffy white cake with a nice texture of coconut to finish!
What are you waiting for?! check out the rest of the TWD blogroll and make this yourself!

ps this went pretty nicely with the peach honey ice cream!

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Pamela said...

Sounds like a successful party, for sure! Your cake looks love!

chocolatechic said...

Your cake looks brilliant.

Wow! There are a lot of things you can't get in the UK.

Kimberly Johnson said...

Beautiful job on your cake! The layers look just perfect!

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem with the cake layer not rising much but yours rose higher than mine! It looks so moist and delicious! I love all the preserves - the colors look terrific!

Anonymous said...

YUM! Looks delicious.